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Pennsylvania's oldest working thoroughbred farm since 1946, family owned and operated.

Maui Meadow Farm is situated on 65 quiet acres of land. The farm features large, spacious fields to small, individual turn out as well as a maintained round pen for horses that require small or limited turn out. Maui Meadow Farm has been family owned and operated since 1946 and specializes in specialized rehabilitation and post operative cases. 

The farm boasts a relaxed atmosphere where boarders can safely and quietly ride, groom and sit with their horses in a serene setting. 

Horses in rehabilitation benefit from the farm's quiet atmosphere for well needed rest. The rehabilitation barn is surveillance camera monitored and no horse is ever by themselves and always have a neighboring horse to feel comfortable and in company. 

Horses on lay-up or turn out from racing or showing are catered to individually or can join a small herd group if desired. All lay-up horses have a stall, blanket (if needed) and access to day turn out (if requested). 

Equine Pool

The equine pool is our best tool to allow horses to gain strength and allow for concussion-free healing during their rehabilitation process. The pool features hot and cold water- with warm baths during the cooler months. The pool building is heated during the winter. The pool features an "island" system with bridges that swing open for continuous laps. Two rubber ramps allow for easy access in and out. 


Rehabilitation Barn

14 large stalls that measure 14x16, with some camera monitored, house the horses currently in rehabilitative care. Some of these stalls cater to larger horses who are 17.1 and above. Critical care horses are placed in camera monitored stalls and are kept under observation at all times, even if we are not present in the barn. 


July 2020 - A brand new roof has been installed over our rehabilitation barn.


20 Stall "lower" Barn

Our 20 stall barn (currently in the process of renovation) houses various horses, including our thoroughbreds in aftercare. The barn borders the gelding fields and is accessible to newly added wash stall areas and a nearby tack room.

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35 Stall Barn

Our 35 stall barn is close to our equine pool and driveway and is currently in the stages of complete renovation- to be completed by December 2020. The wide aisles make social distancing easy as well as easily being able to pass shoulder to shoulder with a horse safely. 


Outdoor Arena

Installed in 2020, our 170x170 outdoor arena boasts lovely bar sand footing that is catered towards horses exiting rehabilitation as it was installed per the plan of a perfect grade and depth. Easy on the joints of older horses, the arena is spacious enough for a horse riding a full jump course, allowing for others to lunge without interference and is fully fenced in. We equip the arena with various jumps, ground obstacles and competitive trail obstacles. The arena footing is dragged daily. 


Cross Country Field

The farm features a basic cross country field with logs and beginner to intermediate jumps. The field is large enough for a gallop path that features slow, sloping land and good footing. 

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