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Daily Stay

Daily rate swimming involves the horse actively stabled at Maui Meadow Farm and swimming daily at the facility (custom plans available to swim per trainer or owner's instructions). Most commonly, horses who stay at our facility are horses who are currently in a rehabilitation plan and race horses & sport horses gaining a competitive edge conditioning daily to relieve joints and the daily stress of concussion on the horse's joints and body to prep for either a race or competition. 

Each horse swimming while staying at the Maui Meadow facility receives and full bath, cooler and blanket (if need be during winter months) is hand walked thoroughly and bandaged if need be according to the trainer's recoomendations. 

Ship In Swimming


  • Negative coggins dated within 1 year

  • Health certificate required for all horses

  • Flu/Rhino no less than 7 days no more than 90 days

  • Pre-pay before arrival or before departing for ship in horses. 

"Ship & Go" swimming is a good option for owners who live close by to the facility and wish to swim daily, a few times per week, or only once per week. Ship in swimming is most commonly utilized for horses gaining a competitive edge in conditioning while the horse is in active training. 

Equine Swimming

Maui Meadow Farm hosts an indoor swimming pool with the dimensions of 60x30 (150 feet total swim length per lap) and 12 feet deep for total, concussion free therapy and conditioning. The pool building is heated in the winter months, with hot and cold water accessible for bathing after the horse's swim and the water temperature kept cooler to help reduce pain, heat and inflammation. The pool features a lap system where the horse can continuously swim laps without exiting the pool, or take single laps as needed to exit and reenter at any time. Horses swim with at least three handlers and are accompanied by a lead horse into the water for their first time with at least 5 handlers. Horses are completely buoyant in the water, allowing for concussion free therapy. 


Benefits Of Swimming

  • Hoof Issues (bruising, abscesses)

  • Arthritis

  • Post operative treatment

  • Soft Tissue recovery

  • Top line strengthening

  • Increase stamina & airway intake

  • Increase stride of the horse

  • Decrease body soreness (free movement to allow conditioning without stress factor)

  • Zero impact on joints while improving cardio and conditioning

  • Help stabilize mood & decrease training sourness

  • Increase methods of training when ground is unsuitable

  • Sales prep for conditioning of yearlings & older horses

  • Condition race horses to prepare for breezing

  • Decrease inflammation in joints and limbs

  • Increase range of motion

  • Help with neurological disorders

  • Decrease boredom with confined stall time

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