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Maui Meadow Farm offers customized boarding features to suit every owner and personalization tailored to every horse all at an affordable cost. We understand that not every horse is the same and most horses require specialized or personalized care. Our farm is set in a family lifestyle, we welcome all disciplines, riders (or non-riders), and horses. Whether you actively compete or simply groom your horse on the ground, all our boarders are friendly and helpful to one another in a non-competitive lifestyle that suits everyone. A friendly smile is always around the corner. If you do not see an option below that seems to fit your needs, please feel free to contact us- we can assist all owners with specialized needs.

All horses boarded at Maui Meadow Farm are fed grain according to owner instructions, supplements or medications (if required). ALL horses on the farm have access to a stall in the event of emergency or inclement weather. All horses are checked daily for general health and are offered hay either in the field or stall. 





$750 Monthly

  • One full stall cleaned daily

  • Horse fed in accordance to owner's wishes, including choice of grain, administering owner provided supplements

  • Medications given- including oral or injectible. 

  • Equipment & Blanket Changes as needed

  • Use of all facilities including once weekly use of equine swimming pool if desired.



$550 Monthly

  • Horse fed in accordance to owner's wishes, including choice of grain, administering owner provided supplements

  • Medications given- including oral or injectible. 

  • Gender segregated herds tailored to each horse's herd status- low key & elderly fields available.

  • Stall provided in the case of inclement weather or emergency.

  • Equipment and blanket changes as needed.

  • Use of all facilities including once weekly use of equine swimming pool if desired.


Elder & Retirement Care

Starts at $550/Month Depending on care needs

  • Open to all breeds, elder & retirement care is suited for horses who are completely retired from their riding careers and spend their days lulling in the sun. This package includes a stall OR a field board situation and has a totally customized plan for your retiree. Custom feeding programs are tailored to each horse, including senior and soaked feed and hay if required. Specialized attention is given to each senior in our care, including administering specialized medications and supplements. Plans are customizable with pricing depending on the needs and requirements of each horse. 


Thoroughbred Sanctuary Care

Pricing Varies- Yearly and Monthly Options Available

  • Maui Meadow Farm offers sanctuary care for thoroughbreds who are retired from racing, are older, or simply are retired due to their owner's wishes. While most of the horses in the category are older horses, many are younger and do not hold a riding career. Sanctuary care is offered through our TRRAC Thoroughbred Aftercare program and is available through a monthly or yearly rate. Horses that fall under sanctuary care receive specialized care as well as all-inclusive dental work and routine hoof trims. 


Equine Requirements

  • All  horses are required to have a valid health certificate no older than 72 hours.

  • A valid flu/rhino vaccine must be administered no less than 7 days no more than 90 days old.

  • A current Coggins within 1 year must be on file in our office

  • A signed boarding agreement must be in our office prior to the horse's arrival.

  • Horses on the premises must be vaccinated or up to date with botulism,  strangles & rabies vaccines.

Stable Rules & Regulations

  • All guests and boarders are required to sign a liability waiver. No exceptions.

  • Commercial trainers & organizations on-premises are required to carry and provide insurance as well as their own liability waivers. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Please hang all cross ties.

  • Dispose of all trash in trash cans. No open trash.

  • Please return all equipment if borrowed. 

  • Pick up manure in common areas and wash areas.

  • Please keep aisles clear for safety in case of emergency or equipment needing to pass through. 

  • No altering of stalls or fields without permission from farm owner.

  • Board is due by the 7th of every month. Personal check, PayPal or Venmo is accepted.

  • Please ensure the entrance gate is closed and locked when leaving.

  • Turn ALL hoses off when finished either watering or hosing horses.

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